Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Food For Thought

Room 3 would like to thank The Heart Foundation for offering us the Food For Thought lessons. We have been learning about the four major food groups and how to read food labels to make healthier choices when buying food.

As part of the lessons we visited New World, Mt Roskill to practise reading food labels and making healthy choices.
Quick Quiz!

1) What do we get from fruit and vegetables?
2) Why do we need to eat grains?
3) What makes our bones stronger?
4) Which food group hasn't been mentioned in questions 1-3?

Super-leader Training

Some lucky members of Room 3 are training hard to be Super-leaders. These students will be in charge of small games during morning tea time. 
We borrowed some ideas from the NED show that we had at the start of Term 3. Here's a question for the Super-leaders: What does NED stand for when you're talking to the children?

Warriors Visit

Thanks to some awesome persuasive writing, the Warriors joined Room 3 for a game of RIPPA and some jersey designing. The Warriors must have enjoyed themselves: Solomone Kata stayed for over 2 hours!

Wesley Intermediate Open Day

One rainy Friday in August Room 3 walked down to Wesley Intermediate for their year 6 open day. While we were there we tested out our cooking, workshop and musical skills.

Can anyone from Room 3 remember some of the rules for when you're in the workshop?

Individual Blogs!

All the room 3 students now have their own individual blogs. You can check them out through the Ako Hiko website: