Sunday, July 30, 2017

Vector talk Sustainability...

This term our inquiry is sustainability. Esther from Vector came in to talk to us about how we get our power and how sustainable different ways of producing electricity are. Can anyone remember or guess where we get most of our power from in New Zealand?

As well as learning lots of important facts, we also got to play with solar powered helicopters and cars and see who could generate the most power by spinning a turbine!

Batter up!

In Term 3 we're lucky enough to have Coach Marco come in and teach us some kiwiball skills. Can anyone guess what happened after this awesome hit by Simativa?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Literacy Festival

To end our week long Literacy Festival, we had a superb assembly where Takahe, Hoiho and Kea all shared the work they had done. Parents also joined us in the morning to see the awesome displays in the hall that were based on the authors that different classes chose to study.

Poetry Slam!

In our first ever Room 3 poetry slam Rishi took out the title (he also went on to win the Kea poetry slam). We had an awesome morning picked songs to pump ourselves up, making prizes for respectful audience members and then performing (or should I say slamming) our poems.

Choosing songs...

Last chance to practise...


Sunday, July 2, 2017


On Friday we were lucky to have coaches from Auckland Basketball come and teach us. Here are some photos of the action...

What To do In An Earthquake

This week we made posters to show people what to do if there is an earthquake. Here are Lino and Brendan's posters: