Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Work of the Week - Week 11

In the last week of term one we looked at anger and explored some strategies to help us deal with this emotion. We also learnt how to use WeVideo to create a movie. Here is a great example...


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

At the Pet Doctors

Waiting for Ron to get his injections, he is not happy in his box! I wonder if someone could invent a way to get him to the vets and keep him happy? 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Work of the Week - Week 10

This week the Avengers reading group read a School Journal story called Monsoon Flood. Taliai has used this text to write a set of instructions about how to stay safe in a flood. 


Step 1: leave everything before you die and save yourself.

Step 2: Shout for help so someone can help you.

Step 3: Go to a safe place but a high place like a mountain or a place that's in our country.

Step 4: Instead of swimming and getting tired find something to grab on something and hoist on to it

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Last week 6 students from the Kea team visited Roskill Youthzone to start their T-shirt designs. They learnt how to make effective stencils for the printing process. Watch this space for the finished designs next week...


On Friday Room 3 baked healthy cookies. They were delicious and would make a great addition to breakfast, morning tea or lunch! Who can remember the main ingredients?

Work of the Week - Week 9

This week we started looking at the food we eat and asking ourselves questions such as:
- How many calories are in this food?
- What are the ingredients in this food and where did they come from?
- What influences the choices we make about the food we eat?

We found a poem called 'Alphabet Stew' and created our own using only (or mostly) healthy food choices. Here is Alisi's poem (so far).

Use healthy food only
Get to at least m

Use capital letters for each line
Group lines into verse

Use a different size, colour or bold to show the letters
Use interesting words

Alphabet Stew

Apples are so juicy,Bananas are so soft,Cucumbers are so hard,Durians are so yum and sometimes I have lots.

Eggplants don’t taste like egg at all,Fennel kind of looks like a ball,Grapes are so sweet like how my dad makes meat.

Haricot beans kind of look like rice,Iceberg lettuce doesn't always feel very nice.

Jerusalem artichoke looks like a pig,Kiwi fruits are so yummy in my body that is kind of big

Lemons are so sour,Melons are so huge do you want to try my stew I sure do.

Nectarines kind of look like a peach,Oranges look like a sun has just raised on the beach.

Pineapples are kind of sour and I like sing a pineapple song in the shower,Q