Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Santarium: Eat Your Words @ WPS

On Tuesday 16th June Sanitarium visited WPS to share some amazing cooking and food preparation skills with us. We made Coleslaw and some fired Chickpea Patties- the best bit was we got to eat all of the food afterwards!

Look out for some more amazing comments and posts from individual students!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blog Commenting by Cruz AND Rachel

We have been learning to create positive, thoughtful and helpful comments. James came in and our task was to comment on three blogs, our class, one from Hay Park and one from Wesley Intermediate. Cruz said' I enjoyed the task because it was good to help people with their mistakes and share in their work.'
 This is Rachel's example...

Storm in Rangitoto and the zombies from the lost city by Caroline

In class, we have been working on placing superheroes into strange settings and turning them into highly descriptive stories. It's been great fun to see how many superheroes pop up in Auckland!

Storm in Rangitoto and the zombies from the lost city

Storm was flying to go to the Avengers,but then something caught the glimpse of her eye,She turned her head to see what is was.It was a secret island,more like a lost Island.She entred this Island and found herself in a little hut.And there was a bed.She was sure tired so she slept then……….
“Who are you?”It was a fairy,it startled Storm so much that she woke up.
“My namre is Storm!I’m sure you’ve heard of me before,right?”SHde asked the fairy.
“Of course not!I have never heard from such person called Storm!”She replied.
“Well are you a superhero?”The fairy asked Storm.
“Yes,I am!”She replied delightedly.

“Really?If you are a superhero then can you please help me and my family and friends?We came to this Island because there were evil zombies coming after us!Can you help us?”Asked the fairy.
“Of course,I was just going to go to the Avengers so,I will go and ask them to help me help you find a better place and help get rid of these zombies you speak of!”She replied.So she went and searched for the Avengers.

Then she finally got to where the Avengers lived.She went to go tell Captain America but when she touched him………
“Ragh Ragh Ragh Ragh ghgyghghghghghghghgh!”It wasn;t Captain America.It was Captain America ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!
“Captain,why are you a zombie?”But Storm only said that in her head.So she went and got the others but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

“RGHRGRHRGRHGRHRGRHRGHRGRHRGRHRGRHRGRHGRRGRJRGRH!”They were zombies too trying to bite the blood out of her body so she went back to the lost city that she was.
“I think that city is Rangitoto!”Storm studied it and it looked exactly the same island.
So she did what she was supposed to do…………..
“Kapow!”A thunder was created by her.It struck the zombies The zombies fell to the ground.She struck and struck until they were dead.

“Hooray!”The fairies were delighted! So they gave her and the Avengers the land to live on.And they were all happy!Well not really…………………………….

“Stomp,stomp,stomp,!”THe fairies and storm heard the stomping coming closer,and closer,and closer.THen……………

By Caroline

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Net Nasty Posters

In class we have been working on 'Net Nasty' posters to make sure everyone stays safe and has a good digital footprint. We have been looking at strong imagery and colours to get our powerful slogans across to the viewer.

Feel free to leave your feedback and comments as we'd love to hear from you!

ANZAC Poetry by Buzz

Five Ways of looking at a banana

In Room three we have been looking at figurative and poetic language. Below is an extract from Nathaniel. We'd love your comments and feedback.

As yellow as a sun the banana rest on the fruit like a yellow hearted long stick.

The banana is happy because of the smile on his face.

Think of the yellow skin as a shield in disguise  protecting the food from the flies.

The rancid banana brought bats back behind Batman's babies so the babies brought the rancid banana as Batman's baton.

Ok it smiled at me.    

By Nathaniel