Sunday, February 28, 2016

Work of the Week - Week 4

This week we finished our stories for the 'League in Libraries' competition. Have a read of Mele's story about some of the Warriors. It has heaps of exciting events and a tense ending!

One super sunny Sunday Manu Vatuvei , Solomone Kata , Shaun Johnson , Konrad Hurrel and Ben henry decided to go have some lunch at Mcdonald's since they were really hungry after training.They promised to their coach they will be right on time. When they arrived at Mcdonalds they noticed something suspicious.There was a young man   following them the whole time BOOM!sirens were flashing,  people were screaming! ‘’Just a false a false alarm everybody! Shouted one of the employees. Phew!everyone  was so worried.

Anyways after that they decided to take a seat and have their lunch. Right across them was the same man stalking them!.When they walked out the man was still following them! They ran as fast as they could. They were like cheetahs ROAR! But it was too late….. The man had already caught them! He actually turned out to be a professional spy ! Dun Dun Dun!.......

Later on it was nearly time for the game and the man was still chasing them. Luckily they stopped at the Warehouse where Jennifer lawrence was waiting for them “Run to the Burger King restrooms where nobody can find you. So they ran to the Burger King restrooms when they saw a silhouette of a man. They were curious to know who it was. They thought it was the man but it wasn't. It turned out to  be…. Leonardo Dicaprio! and this is what he said ‘take a bus to rainbows end where there is nobody . It was 7:30 and the game started at 7:45.

Later on they were Rainbows end where there was nobody.Suddenly the man appeared from the back and zoom! They ran really fast and by really fast I mean really,really fast . It was 7:40. They used a random car from the street and KABOOM! They were off! When they got to Eden Park the man caught them! It turned out to be that he just wanted an autograph! So he wasn't that bad  he was trying to chase them the whole time just for one little autograph anyways after that they offered the man which name was greg free tickets to watch them. It was 7:44……

It was 7:44 so they ran as fast as flash to the field just in time lucky were already in their uniform. They made it just in time but the coach was quite cross but anyways they all had a fabulous game and celebrated by going to Kfc but this time there was no man chasing them so they lived happily ever after.THE END


  1. We enjoyed reading this in Room 4, Mele. You should be proud of yourself. Krisina liked that there were different locations/settings in the story, and Danna liked the use of Onomatopoeia. Remember to read work allowed to check if everything makes sense. Thanks for sharing on your blog!

  2. Mele that was great but try harder next time

  3. wow Mele you have real good in your work and you put good work in it and wow I wish I had a brain like you

    1. I mean wow you have done real good in your work

  4. Mele, I like the way you've used onomatopoeia!

  5. Thanks for taking your time to comment!

  6. Well done Mele.I like the way that you used you punctuation really well.I remember when me and my brothers and sisters were so hungry that we ended going to MC Donald.I think you shold keep up on the adverbs and verbs.Great job mele!!!!!