Sunday, February 19, 2017

Family Trees

To start off the year we have been creating our own family trees. These trees show us who we are connected to which helps our wellbeing. It also made us go home and learn more about our families. We even found out that some of us are related to each other when we shared our trees with each other! We included some Te Reo sentences to explain our trees. Here is Anaseini's Screencastify:


  1. Hi Anaseini it's me Levona I like your family tree video and hope to see more videos from you and your class. How many people are in your family

  2. Hi Anaseini,My name is Pisirina I am from Pt England school your tuhi mai tuhi atu school partner. It was nice to learn your family tree,your family seems really big and happy.

  3. I like how you have described your family tree.I found when I take a photo it works better when I get the right angle, next time you could tilt it a bit so I can read it better.