Saturday, May 6, 2017

Descriptive Writing

This week we've been writing descriptions of different landscapes. We realsied that a lot of our sentences were sounding the same so we watched some videos about starting sentences with adverbs, adjectives, -ing phrases or prepositions. Here is Yonatan's description of Troll's Tongue in Norway. Can you picture what it looks like from this description? (maybe then you could search for it to see if you were right)

I can see a nice looking lady practising some martial arts while standing on a gigantic rock looking very uncomfortable. I also see the sky as blue as the sea can be.

Sitting on smooth rocks , I hear the wind as loud as a saber tooth tiger can rooooar! I also hear waves that are as loud as an earthquake.  
Standing on the rocky side, I  taste the water as refreshing as coca cola. So refreshing a beaver can drink it in just one second or even faster then that.

Above the cliff, I feel the rocks they are as smooth as sand. I also feel the wind coming upon me that is so smooth.

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