Friday, February 23, 2018

Hupara with Harko Brown

This week the Kea team were amazingly lucky to have Harko Brown come to Wesley Primary for the whole day to teach us some traditional Maori games. We can't wait to teach the rest of the school and start designing our hupara stumps that will be going into Walmsley Reserve this year!

Kea, leave a comment to explain what the games were and what equipment we used...


  1. Hi there my name is Tufui and I will name one activity we did. The activity we did was POI TOA it was a catching and throwing game. We used poi but the poi we used was not for dancing it was for games. By the way thanks for reading hope you enjoyed playing that game.

  2. hi my name is Mele pope am in room 4 and i go to wesley primary school i really like how we did fun Activty together.That was a lot of fun.Thank you for having us as a team.

  3. Hi room 3 My name is Araura from room 4 i am impressed you actually posted this.This game was a lot of fun as the stick was coming around i got very nervous. That is it Blog you later!

  4. Kia ora room 3,
    I am really interested to know more about the game hupara. The photos make it look exciting. Can you tell me more about the game? It is great that you are going to be designing some hupara stumps for the reserve, that sounds like a fantastic project to be part of.

  5. Hi my name is Sopheighra from Wesley Primary Room 4 i remember this! it was fun playing the Maori games with Matua Brown.....or as some students like to call him Mr Good looking