Monday, October 15, 2018

100 Word Challenge

This week's challenge was to write exactly 100 words using the words: 

BATH   Fighter   Danced   Orange   Clumsily

Here is Siliva's effort...


  1. hi MR Margetts i like the 100 word story even though i wrote it but i give my credit to Mr Margetts.

  2. Hi siliva it is john here I love all the dram with you playing with amazing words that you used. It reminded me of when I was doing a 100 story

  3. WoW! Awesome story Siliva. I liked how you had goood vocab and awesome comments. next time oh na your story was so perfect that there is no bad feedback. Bye here is my blog(wpsdaniellee.blogspot)

  4. hi siliva it is sydney i love your story and that is amazing how you got 100 words in one story thats so cool.

  5. Hiii. Its me Toeumu. :D I really like how you have used interesting words in your story. This reminds me of when i did the same thing. Maybe next time you could use a simile. By Toeumu/T.


  6. Annyeong-heyso, Room 3! It's me Sopheighra! I like the five words you chose! There very funny words to choose. I love the stories by the way! Great job on getting to 100 words on the dot! Maybe in the second story don't use too many 'ands'? Loved the stories though!

    Maybe you can come check out room 4's blog at (just paste it in the search bar)