Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Band Practice

Almost ready for graduation next week...


  1. Hi room 3,

    Its me Toeumu. I really like how you were practicing to get better, Because the more practice the more perfect you get!!! This reminds me of when luseane my Bff told me her dream is to be a singer. Maybe next time you could do a reflection. Blog you later!!!


  2. hey guys its me sydney and i really like the song and your voices. I think you guys should be ready with what part your gonna sing but good job

  3. Hey Rm 3,
    Its Andrea as you know I come to the same school and same class.
    I was doing the paino too with my buddy !
    I enjoyed the music to my ears.
    This reminds me of a band.
    Just fix on a big screen to get everyone in it so you don't need to turn around heap of times.
    Plz follow or check my blog ! Thx Blog ya later Alligator !

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