Tuesday, April 12, 2016

At the Pet Doctors

Waiting for Ron to get his injections, he is not happy in his box! I wonder if someone could invent a way to get him to the vets and keep him happy? 


  1. Maybe create a bigger box for him to have more room to walk or play around with and maybe fill it with toys or whatever he likes? Or instead of a bigger box maybe just a bigger to bit with no cardboard on the bottom so when hes annoyed just put it over him? Instead of a big box.That way you can also have a little fun watching him!

  2. that's so funny maybe next time try to make lot's of toys in the box and make sure it's bigger.That reminds me when we did the same to my puppy dog which was a puppy.

  3. wow Krisina thats awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!