Saturday, September 2, 2017

More recycling (or re-recycling, get it?)

Here's a procedure explaining the steps of recycling that Brendan has created.


  1. Hi my name is Harper-Lee from W.P.S I've done that and i think that one is way better than mine i learnt new stuff on it

  2. Well yous made a nice respect and responsible sign great work rm 3 really interested.-FAITH

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    1. hi Brendan it's me sofaia your best friend i really like how you put the first instruction to do when you are recycling and i really like it WELL DONE KEEP IT UP!!

  4. Hi my name is faith and i am from rm 4 i would like to congratulate to those that done great work good job rm 3 on all your work.

  5. Room 3 i like your homework that you DI at school

  6. Hi Room 3. My name is Zaeeda and I am from room 10 from Pt England school. Wow what a mind blowing post. I liked how you showed us a great way to recycle. But next time you should draw pictures or maybe share some recycling facts.

    Keep up the good work !

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