Friday, March 16, 2018

Toru TV Episode 4

This week our behaviour of the week is being responsible by being on time. This includes getting to school on time and getting back to class quickly after morning tea and lunch play times. Let's see how Room 3 get on. Do you think you can get back to class quicker than them?

Some of us also had a play with speeding up or slowing down time in our videos. What do you think?


  1. HI guys is me Phi-An same school but i really like how you guys made in funny and more interesting but maybe work on not that fast just to make it more sense but nice one.god job

  2. Hi Room 3 my name is Tufui. I like the way you were role models to others and teaching us to get to class on time. I also liked the way you made it funny and interesting to watch. This reminds me of when I got to class quickly and on time. Maybe next time you can work on moving your camera so we can see what you are filming.

  3. Kia ora Room 3,
    I like the way you are showing your school value of being responsible through a video clip. Your behaviour at getting back to class is pretty fast - have you all got faster since creating these videos? What do you think makes people take so long to get back to class?

    1. Hi Tania. We have been quicker getting back to class this week. We think people having a drink and people wanting another turn with the ball makes them slower to get back to class. Do you have any tips about how to speed this up even more.

  4. Hi room 3,
    my name is Eman from Papakura central school.
    I like the video which you told how to go to class in time and when the bell rang you just quit your game and went to class and you just showed that you guy's go to class straight away.
    Nice work room 3!

  5. Hi room 3, My name Is Will and I go to Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi School And Nice work with the videos, I really enjoyed them, so do some more enjoyable videos like when the bell rang and everyone rushed into class. Nice work room 3.

  6. hi my name is ivi I am a student from papakura central I just want to say I liked the video but is it alright to say that it was a little bit funny