Saturday, March 24, 2018


We just couldn't wait for Harko Brown to come back so we learned some of our own traditional games. We found a great game called whanowhano and then wrote our own instructions. We hope you enjoy them and give the game a try!


  1. Ki Ora Rm 3 its Andrea Speaking I am in the same school and same class.Well to one of the students showing there work just wanna say it looks fabulous to me.I just want to say too that to make the Pictures more huge a bit.This Reminds me of reading the Maori Games. From Andrea

  2. Ki Ora Room 3 my name is Tufui. I like the way you are learning new Maori games like Whano Whano. This reminds me of when I learnt new Maori games last year and I had so much fun. Maybe next time you could make the photo bigger and maybe next time you can take a video of you guys playing the game.

    1. Hi Tufui,

      Its Toeumu. Thanks for the comment Tufui. Yeah we will try and do a video next time. Thanks again for commenting on our blog.


  3. Hi Room 3 its Brendan from room 4 . I really like this game i looks very fun.Maybe you could make the photos slightly more bigger.Well that's it from me blog you later!

  4. Hi there, my name is Luseane and i am a student in room 4 at Wesley Primary School (As some of you know). I really like how you put the rules and how to play i saw my little brothers foot! This reminds me of when room 4 did a game with Matua Brown kind of the same to this. Maybe next time you could tell us more about it! If you would like to see my class blog is

  5. hey Rm 3 its me yonatan and I really like how you taught me how to play whano whano i'll be looking foward to the next game you teach.

  6. Malo lelei room 3
    It is Keren here and I really LOVE this game I have taught this game to my cousin and they loved it.This reminds me of playing this Tongan game in Tonga.Maybe next time..... you could just add some full stops at the end of your rules so people would know where to stop.
    Thanks for sharing this out on this blog really hoping to see you next term.

  7. Well done for following and keeping your hands and legs to yourself. For all that hard work you guys have down to learn manners. You students are respectful to another sooo well done

  8. Kia Ora Room 3,

    I'm Jayden from papakura central school, i like how you showed us how to play this game! I'm now going to play it.

    Click my name to comment on my blog!

    Jayden PCS