Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Samoan Language Week

For Samoan Language Week Room 3 have been learning how to ask and answer some questions in Samoan. Here are some of our ideas. 


  1. Hello room 3! I like how you pronounced the sentence in English then Samoan maybe you could have speaked up a bit!
    Great job!

  2. Talofa Lava,
    I always enjoy checking out your class blog and checking out your new learning. I love how you create lots of video clips to share your learning as it also lets me learn from you. It is great to hear how to pronounce the Samoan words and be able to copy your pronunciation. Keep up the great learning.

  3. hi my name is Evelyn, i am from papakura central school, i am Samoan and Tongan, and nice Samoan language too i can talk in Samoan too......

  4. Hello my name is Harper-lee I go to wesley primary school I really liked it because i'm cook island and niuean now i know a little bit of cook island because i dont know cook island language

  5. On The First One I Like How All Of Your Mouths Are Not Moving And Words Are Coming Out!(And On The Second One I Like How Karen And Dafane I Think That's How You Spell It I Like How They Both Have There Mouth Open but The Talking Thing Bubble Thing Is COmming Out There Eyes.

  6. Bonjour Room 3,

    Im Jayden from papakura central school, i hope you learnt heaps from samouan language week, i also like the words coming out of your mouth!

    Click my name to comment on my blog!

    Jayden PCS