Saturday, May 26, 2018

Toru TV Episode 6

Next week's behaviour of the week is showing respect by keeping our hands and feet to ourselves. We were inspired by the 'Give Nothing To Racism' adverts where racism is given no respect, no place and no encouragement. So if you see someone who is not keeping their hands and feet to themselves, give them no encouragement and help them make a smart choice.


  1. Hi Toru tv crew. I came to visit and comment because I have see you comment on the blog from Kokatahi Kowhitirangi school and I think it cool to have what goes around comes around. So ..... I had a look at all the videos and think you did a great job of changing you expression suddenly. My helpful comment would be just to keep it up. Thanks to Daphne for connecting the comments back to this blog.

  2. Hello Room 3,
    My name is Tufui and K am a student in Wesley Primary School in Room 4. I like the way you are inspired by the 'Give Nothing To Racism' Also you were focusing on how to keep your hands and feet to yourself. By the way Great post Room 3! Bye keep up the good work!