Friday, June 8, 2018

hupara opening

Today we were lucky to be part of the official opening of the new hupara play area at Underwood Park. We can't wait to go there with our whole classes and play some of the traditional Maori games we have learnt!


  1. I Like It How You Showed What Was There, I Hope You Do More Good Posts Like This One, I Think You Should Make A Video Instead Of Pictures, What Happened There.

  2. We painted the logs at school. Then we had an assembly in the hall and shared our work. Then we walked to the park. We had a karakia and played on the trees and stumps. Then we came back for afternoon tea.

  3. Kia Ora Room three It's me Emelio from Waikowhai Primary School,I liked how you went to the opening of the new hupara play area at Underwood Park i wish i went to a park like that.Next time can you write more information about the play area and make a video about it.Come and check out my blog at

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  5. Hi my name is Sopheighra from Wesley Primary
    I remember this! i liked running along the logs but at the same time it was scary
    Come by room 4's blog soon!
    Keep up the good work and blog you later! :D

  6. Talofa lava room 3 that is some really nice pictures you have got there. Also you have some really nice art. I wish room 4 had a picture of our art. But it was really fun to clime on the logs and jump off them. Mr margetts could you ask all of the students in room 3 how they felt ?

    Kind regards

  7. Kia ora Room 3,
    The new hupara play area at Underwood Park looks fantastic! How many different games are you able to play there? Is it close enough to walk to from school?