Friday, June 29, 2018

Toru TV Episode 9

This week's behaviour of the week is being responsible by acting safely. Here are some members of Room 3 acting safely on the courts. Can you think of ways you could act safely in other areas of the school like on the deck, in the bathroom, in class or on the field? Leave us a comment if you can. Also let your teachers know if you see someone acting safely this week so that they can give out tokens!


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  3. Talofa lava Room 3!
    My name is Sopheighra i go to the same school. But i'm in Room 4
    I watched the video and it was kinda funny :D
    I like how the video was about acting safety. What was awesome was that you all put this video together and worked hard! I hope Sina is okay her head must feel a bit dizzy after getting hit with the touch ball!!! The video was Amazing! Thanks for letting us see it! Bye Anaseini, Toeumu, Sina and Angelica!

  4. Aloha Room 3,
    After watching this video helped me a lot with how to act safely . Keep up the good work and keep making some more Toru tv episodes so that everyone can learn from you 's . Also that was a very funny video.

  5. Hi Room 3,
    My name is Tufui and I go to Room 4 next door to you. A way to act safely on the deck is by walking and maybe no running because they might trip over and hurt their self. This video helped me a lot on how to act safely on the courts. Keep it up Angelica, Anaseini, Toe'umu, Sina! From Tufui.

  6. that was nice room 3 but work on a little you later:0