Thursday, July 5, 2018

3, 2, 1.... BLASTOFF!

Today we launched our rockets. We changed the amount of water in the bottle to see how high the rockets would go. We found out that the less water you put in the bottle the higher it went. Can someone from the Kea team explain why?


  1. Hi,
    What you did sounds like fun.
    Just wondering what did you use to make the bottle fly?

  2. Kia ora Wesley primary.
    Thank you for sharing that amazing rocket video it looked like so much fun.Just wondering what did you use to make the rocket out of.
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  3. This is cool and sounds like a lot of fun keep up all the good work with the blogging.

  4. Hi my is Jonty, that looked like you guys had a lot of fun and keep up the good blogging. Go visit my blog @

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  6. Hi my name is Hans, I am a student from Wesley Intermediate School. I really liked that way your class is learning about rockets and the way you explained how it worked "The less water the higher the higher the rocket goes", that looks so fun I really hoped you guys enjoyed your time there. The 1 thing I have been thinking is how you guys made the rocket and how you made the rocket blast off into the air. Your rocket hardly went that high so maybe you should go on YouTube and figure out how to make your rocket go higher.

  7. Hi we are Ruma Kotuku at Kaniere School. We are into recycling and we liked the way you recycled the L&P bottle for your rocket. We would love to do this experiment but were wondering how you actually made it fly? How much water did you use and what was the highest it went. Smart blogging - Ruma Kotuku.

    1. This is my favourite blog. It was really cool how high the rocket went!

  8. That is amazing! I'd love to see more.

  9. Hi room 3 my name is Caden and I am from Hokitika Primary School. What you did sounded like fun and I was wondering how you made the rockets fly? If you could reply to this could you please tell me how you made the rockets fly? It looks like your rockets can fly really high.
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  10. Hi Room 3,

    I am Jayden from papakura central school, Looks like it was fun doing rockets, how did you make the rockets fly?

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    Jayden Papakura Central School

  11. Hi Room 3! My name is Olivet from Papakura Central School. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun blasting the rockets. What did you use to boost the rocket up? I would love it if you could reply. Maybe next you could decorate your rockets and stick some creative art on it.

    Hope to see more posts from you! -Olivet

  12. Kia ora Alyssa from papakura-central school looks cool how did you make them go so high? you can check out my blog by touching this link blog you later =) XD

  13. hey im Aedyn
    that was realy cool but what happend I couldn't see it

    thanks keep bloging Aedyn

  14. hi my name is bettwin and my room is room 6 i really liked the rocket
    experiment that you guys made it went very high in the air