Thursday, August 23, 2018

Need a hug?

Today Room 3 have been learning about change, grief and loss. We focused on different emotions, physical sensations and behaviours. For example, behaviours are things people do. Here is Noah's with their examples of these things. We know this is important because one day we will need it because grief happens to everyone! It was challenging because we had some new words such as anxious and presence. Our next steps are to learn what things are helpful for people going through grief.

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  1. Kia ora Room 3,
    I was really impressed to read what you have been learning about. Change, grief and loss are such hard things to deal with in our lives and it so important to learn about strategies that can help us with these emotions. It's also good to know how to support others, so great that you are going to learn about what things are helpful for other people. Thanks Noah for sharing your thoughts on emotions, physical sensations and behaviour in relation to grief, change and loss. Keep up the great learning.