Thursday, August 2, 2018


This term we are designing different places where students can go and work. This week we talked about having caves. These are quiet places where you can go to work. We also have mountain tops and swamps. Can you guess what they are for? Here's is Lillian's poster for our caves.


  1. Hi room 3 its me Danielle and i really like this poster by Lillian. Its realy nice and i like how you exeplained it well so i knew what i cave is. But next time make sure to write who it was by because other then that it was supper cool!!!

  2. hi room 3 Sophie here from papakura-central school and i was really good and it had good info now I just want to go to a cave.

  3. Hi i am Emma i go to papakura central school,
    I like this poster that you did and got a picture so people can work quietly,
    Hope you can comment on my blog.

  4. hi room 3 i really like how you did that poster. Also i like your idears you did.