Sunday, November 4, 2018

Bush walks, pooters, wētā, dancing, stretchers, tents and scroggin... must be camp!

Last week the Kea Team went to camp at Arataki Visitor's Centre in the Waitakere Ranges. Here are some pictures of our amazing experience. I'll let the students explain what was happening and what they learnt...


  1. Hello room 3 I like how yous pot the photos form camp on it looks cool think you . I was a fun time spending time with your class .Next time can yous make a video think you .

  2. Going on camp was really fun. It was kind of scary because when we went into BOB's CAMP HOUSE we saw giant Weta's and small wetas. ALl of a sudden I felt something crawl up my feet and I looked down it was a Weta and it was scary. But camp was so cool.