Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Cultural Festival

Last Saturday was the Eden Albert Cultural Festival. Wesley Primary had five amazing groups including the superb Kapa Haka group. Here are some of the Room 3 students giving it all they've got! Thanks Mr Bruce for the awesome photos.


  1. Hi its John here from Wesley primary From seeing the pictures I can tell use were having a great time and a spectacular performance. It reminds me of when I was watching a show and it had great acting and dancing in it. Maybe next time add extra detail on what they felt and ask the readers some questions like "do you think you can challenge them?" Bye see you when I come back.

    1. Nice comment john i like it how you are posting a comment even dough when you are not at school.By Richard

  2. Hi Room 3, It's me Tufui from Wesley Primary School. I like the way you showed photos of the Kapa Haka group. This reminds me when I went to the culture festival. Maybe next time add more detail and make it a bit intresting. Bye blog you later!

  3. Hi room 3 , It's me Brendan from room 4 next door . I like that scary face of yours Daphne . Those photos reminded me of when I went to the cultural festival years ago . Keep up the good work room 3 .


  4. Hi, My name is Levi I go to Wesley Primary School. I remember when I performed in the kapa haka group on Saturday. I was nervous but I felt confident that helped me.

    Blog ya later

  5. AnnyeongHaseyo Room 3! It's me, Sopheighra! I go to the same school except I'm in a different class. I remember going to culture festival but got into a bad accident before our performance so I had left early. Must've been fun there though! I wish I could've stayed.

    Hey, Why don't you check out room 4's site! Go to or go on the wesley primary site.

  6. Hi room 3. Its me Toeumu. I really like how you were confident enough to preform in front of lots of people. This reminds me of when i performed there ages ago. Maybe next time you could make a better summary. Blog you later!


  7. Hello, its Harper-Lee I went there and it was so fun. The performances were cool and amazing. You could check out my blog at

    blog ya lata

  8. Hello there room 3,its Genesis and I also went there and saw your guys performance and it was so so cool.

  9. hey guys great job on the caulter festival i didnt go there but i heard it was fun you guys looked so feirce in your photo.

  10. Hi my name is Mele from room 4 your next door neighbor.I really enjoyed the cultural festival i loved being in kapa haka group there are awesome photos there.

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