Friday, November 16, 2018

Read All About It!

We've just finished our Room 3 online news reports. They are mostly about camp but we also included a section for sport. Feel free to give our young reporters some feedback about their reports. Or let us know if you find any interesting articles in the news this week...


  1. Hi its me Danielle from rm3 Wesley Primary School.
    I loved all of them I think they all had a lot of awesome detail.
    Next time make the background better I nearly fell asleep looking at it.
    Here is my blog(wpsdaniellee.blogspot)
    Here is my classes you are already on it anyways here it is(wpsmargetts.blogspot)
    Thank you for reading my comment.

    1. Hey
      I just wanna say Great work out there softball team.
      You blowed out my mind when you we're on the feild.
      Keep showing good work !
      See ya Later or should I say blog you later ! :)

  2. Good job room 3 I like how your class is doing report to we had to do a report on camp it was the bested time ever.

  3. Hi room 3 Did yous love the camp we went of it was the bested time ever I loved it there with yous .

  4. Hi, It's me Sina from Room 3 Wesley Primary School. I really like how you guys made the Camp Idol and this made me laugh. This reminded me when I went to Camp with yous. Next time maybe you should make the all the writing the same size.
    Visit my blog on

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